Leadmon.Net's SpamGuard Listings (LNSG)

Page last updated: November 7, 2004

NOTE: This is a personal RBL, not intended for any specific usage. If you use this list, then use it at your own risk, as it's here for me to personally use to stop SPAM to my personal servers.. I do my best to not list any innocents, only legit sites that fit the categories below. Still I can't assure anyone of 100% accuracy. Also note, this list is NOT part of the ISP I get my connectivity from, so don't call ABSnet/CharmNet bitching about the list, they can't help you, they don't have access to the files!

Why SpamGuard, because SPAM abuse has become so terribly bad that many of my mail servers that I have maintained at one time or another have been pounded into the dirt by spammers trying to send unsolicited Email to every user name imaginable. I have seen ISP's that gotten as many as a million attempts daily to deliver SPAM to users. This is just insane and an outright theft/abuse of services.

If you tried to send email and it was REJECTED with an error message that pointed to this page, then the IP address of your outgoing mail server is on our local blacklist. This means that the server in question matched one of the below criteria for being listed. If you feel you’re on this list in error, you’re welcome to contact us at the Email address shown at the bottom of this page. Also I would recommend if you’re an End-User that you contact your provider, as I suspect they need to fix their server so it's secure. If you are on the list as a Dial-Up block, then you need to use your providers mail server to send Email, not try and send direct as this is the proper way for the net to operate.

To see if your on the SpamGuard list (or many of the other lists), go to this URL http://relays.osirusoft.com/cgi-bin/rbcheck.cgi and enter your IP Address/Domain.

If you run a mail server, and need help in securing it, then please go see http://mail-abuse.org/tsi/ar-fix.html for more details.

If you would like to use my SpamGuard list, you’re more than welcome to do so, but please remember that it's my personal listing, and I don't at times have the free time to work the list for months at a time. This list uses standard DNS type RBL lookups that come as part of Sendmail and many other packages. As you will see from the below info, you can even just use specific parts of the list by testing for a given return IP address if desired.

Listings in this RBL are composed of the following classes:

  1. Dial-Up/Cable/DSL IP Addresses. These are generally determined by manually looking at the reverse DNS names. If you have a real mail server in one of these blocks, please let me know so I can correct this list, but you will also be tested to verify you’re not an open relay. Note that this list contains Cable Modems, DSL, Dial-Up netblocks. Being on this list does NOT mean you are a SPAMMER, it means you are connected to the net via DSL/Cable/Dial-Up Modem, and your DNS shows this to be the case. You *should* be using your upstream ISP's mailserver. So writing to us cursing that we are acusing you of being a SPAMMER and to remove you from this list will not get a reply. We don't force any ISP to use this part of the list, it's here for information only, people can do what they please with it.

    NOTE: This portion of listing is currently disabled, as SORBS is proving a more accurate DUL list, and also due to a lack of help being able to maintain the DUL listing correctly!

    The IP returned by this list on a positive query is if you care to test for it specifically.

  2. Individual SPAM Sources. The addresses in here are gotten from E-Mail that I have received that was SPAM. If you have inherited such IP address space, please let me know and we will remove you, but should we get additional SPAM from your IP will be added back to the list.

    The IP returned by this list on a positive query is if you care to test for it specifically.

  3. Bulk mailers that don't require confirmed opt-in from their customers, or that have allowed known spammers to become clients and abuse their services.

    The IP returned by this list on a positive query is if you care to test for it specifically.

  4. Single-Stage Open Relays that are not listed on one of the other active RBL's.

    The IP returned by this list on a positive query is if you care to test for it specifically.

  5. Multi-Stage Open Relays. chains that have sent spam to us, and are not listed on of the other active RBL's.

    The IP returned by this list on a positive query is if you care to test for it specifically.

  6. SpamBlock Sites Sites on this listing have sent us direct SPAM, but when looking up the rDNS information on the spam's IP, we realize it's an entire Class-C that has NO DNS mappings as well. So as it's a range with identified SPAM, and no way to isolate the range, we block the entire block.

    The IP returned by this list on a positive query is if you care to test for it specifically.

Testing the LNSG list. If you want to verify operation of the list, we have added a couple test entires you are more than welcome to test against. It seemed logical to just use the same IP's as the returned results. will always return a negative (not found) result, and can be used to verify no response. As such a will return a positive on the dialup section, and will return a positive on the spam section. So for example to test for a valid positive on the dialup list, just do a dig/nslookup like this:


This will return output something like this:

Name:    test.dialup.spamguard.leadmon.net

If you wish to contact us, just send an Email to SpamGuard@leadmon.net. We will try and respond to any legit messages, but if you’re a SPAMMER and just writing to bitch, don't expect any reply. If your writing about a specific message you received, then please include the full return error and mail headers so we can look at why the Email was rejected. We do at times get VERY backed up on Email, so if you don't get an instant response, relax, if we received your Email, we will do our best to respond to you as soon as we can.  Due to work load on me, and having a family life, at times it's weeks till I get time to look at all the Email, so don't always expect a fast answer!

One more NOTE of importance. We constantly get Email from users that ask why are you considering us a spammer, when we don't relay spam, then in the message show they are listed under the Dial-Up/DSL/Cable section of the list. If you are here it does NOT mean you are a spammer, it means your a Dial-Up/Broadband End-User, and as an end user you should be sending your outbound Email via your providers SMTP gateway. If this listing is wrong, then let us know, but if it's right, don't expect us to just pull you from the listing.

NOTE: The Dial-Up/DSL/Cable zone is currently disabled, see section 1 for details.